Wreath Production Process

Our “Made in Montana” handmade holiday wreaths, evergreen centerpieces, and swags are constructed of natural, local materials. We negotiate an area of the Bitterroot National Forest that needs to be selectively thinned and harvest three types of product for our wreaths – Douglas Fir, Grand Fir, and the most fragrant, Sub-Alpine Fir. Because we are concerned about the consistent quality of the products we send out year after year, finding good fir boughs is a major aspect of our holiday season.

We find our best quality of boughs at elevations over 6000 feet above sea level. The Bitterroot Valley is located at roughly 3500 feet, so you can see we need to head high up into the mountains to gather materials. We try to get our gathering done prior to heavy snowfall, but often find that early season storms produce snow in the high country long before winter actually arrives in the valley.

Once the materials have been collected in the mountains, including the large quantities of pine cones needed, they are stored in a cool location to prevent them from drying out. We want to be certain the product arrives to you as fresh as possible, so that you can appreciate its fragrance throughout the holiday season.

Each wreath is individually constructed and decorated by our wreath makers who have many years of experience making fresh holiday wreaths and who each desire to add their own special flair to their products. Once the products are constructed, they are again stored in a cool, damp location to prevent drying. As the orders start to roll in, each wreath, centerpiece, or swag is tagged for shipment. The special individually written greeting card enclosed with each order is attached and the shippers’ take over. Our orders are labeled, weighed, and shipped, via UPS, to the appropriate destination. We take extra care to see that all orders are delivered on time as our customers are particular as to when they want their gift to arrive.

The special gift box the wreath is shipped in has identifying markings notifying the receiver that it is a gift that should be opened immediately. We don’t want any of our products stuck under the Christmas tree for a couple weeks prior to being opened. Upon opening, the fragrance of the fir boughs fills the room almost immediately. Our evergreen Christmas wreaths make great Christmas gifts for loved ones or a perfect holiday corporate gift.

We hope you will enjoy your holiday with a fresh wreath, centerpiece or swag from Bitterroot Evergreens.